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Introducing Our Three Options for Group-housing 

We offer three unique instruments designed around solving some of the challenges of Time, Stress, Bias, Reproducibility, and Animal Welfare.


The IntelliCage, a fully automated system allows you to assess the home cage behavior and cognitive performance of up to 16 individual mice or 8 rats separately while they are living in a social environment. This unique experimental setup fosters natural social behavior in a biologically relevant, enriched but highly standardized home cage context.



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Stellar Telemetry

Stellar Telemetry represents the latest technology advancements in implantable physiologic monitoring. The system allows monitoring of many animals with just one receiver and facilitates group housing and social interaction. Stellar implants can be used in animal models ranging from mice to dogs and larger animals and in a wide range of research studies including phenotyping, pharmacology, behavior, metabolic, and general physiology assessment.



PhenoWorld is a unique combination approach that integrates the functionality of a variety of automated phenotyping systems into one multidimensional setup level. In PhenoWorld, animals live in social groups, which allows them to develop and display species-specific natural social behavior – a prerequisite for animal welfare and high translational value of experimental data.



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